It was later in the day when Han and her mother decided to visit her grandparents.  They rode their motorcycle and did not anticipate what was coming their way.  On the road, a car hit them and threw both mother and child off their motorcycle, leaving them in critical conditions.  They were brought to the nearby hospital, but many of the doctors did not get a chance to look at Han or her mother case.  For several days, Han was left unevaluated, the child grew weaker, and infections sat in.

The grandparents did not have any money for Han’s surgery and went to the nearby Buddhist Monastery for help.  The monks reached out to RTNCF, and after reviewing the case, one of our staff members coordinated with the appropriate people in Vietnam to bring aid to Han.  Subsequently, the doctors reviewed Han case and had to expeditiously operate and amputate the lower limb of Han’s one leg.  Surgery was completed and for days the medical staff monitored her for any further signs of infections.  Luckily no further infections occurred and Han recuperated.  Unfortunately, she lost half of one leg, and for days, she was depressed and refused to eat anything.  Through the help of her grandparents, mother, and monks, Han started to eat and slowly regain her health and strength.  She is now healthy and learning to cop with her situation.  According to her mother, she returned to school and slowly is being herself again.


RTNCF was glad to work with Han and her family.  We will continue to work with Han and give her the medical care she needs in order to completely recover from her injury and to determine if she is a good candidate for a prosthetic leg.

“Han was terrified of the accident.  She was so depressed for days after discovering the doctors conducted a lower limb amputation on one of her legs. She refused to eat,” said her grandparents.”

She is currently living with her grandparents and mother.  She once again is happy and is working with many members of the communities to deal with her injury.


Always have empathy and compassion to help a child in need.