Founding Donors

We are honored and grateful to the following organizations, companies, families, and individuals for their support of the Rosa Thay Nguyen Children’s Foundation.  Their support made our mission possible.  They helped shift a vision into a reality.  For this, we will be forever grateful!

Corporate and Business Founding Donors

Of Flutterfly Mosaics, Washington

Signex USA, California

Dunlap & Dunlap Publishing, Texas

Madison Home, Washington

PLT Jewelry, California

HISE Consulting Group, California

HISE Financial Corporation, California

LEA Photography, California

Jolynn’s Crawfish Restaurant, Texas

KMH, LLC, Alabama

The Seven Cajun, Texas

Art Supply Warehouse, California

Delta Drugs, Lousiana

Prescription Pad Pharmacy, Lousiana

Lapalco Drugs, Lousiana

Meadowcrest Pharmacy, Lousiana

The Boiling Pot Corporation, Alabama

Crawfish & Beignets, Texas

Woodbridge Dental, Texas

ISEE Art Gallery, California

Chuong Frame Laguna Art, California

Le Dragon d’Or Luxury Jewelry, Texas

Ani Dylan PsyD, California

Crush Photo Studios, California

Individual and Family Founding Donors

Cheri Armenta, California

Ben Leong, Massachusetts

Mimi Cobarrubias, California

Thuy Dinh, Texas

Sabrina Espinoza, California

Mark Vellucci, California

Step. Fitzgerald, Minnesota

Lisa Halpern, California

Lequen Hardgrove, Texas

Thomas Tran, Texas

Brian Kennedy, Ohio

Nan Koehrsen, California

To & Lien Ngo, California

Nhu Nguyen, California

Dr. Sidney Fishman , California

Ani Dylan, California

Izabella Espinoza, California

Laura Robinson, California

Kevin Wood, California

Phil Han, California

Anne Vo, California

Bob Jewett, California

Bruce Linder, North Carolina

Vicky Buezo, California

Evan Nguyen, California

Ashlynn Nguyen, California

Megan Nguyen, Alabama

Kaylynn Nguyen, Alabama

Haylee Nguyen, Alabama

Maddy Nguyen, Louisiana

Ethan Nguyen, Louisiana

Tammy Le, Washington

Sam Le, Washington

Hung V. Pham, Alabama

Erin McDonald, Arizona

James Marston, Alabama

Kayleigh Marston, Alabama

Linh Nguyen, California

Mary Jo Stauner, Washington

Dr. Avonne Lee, Texas

Cindy Huynh, California

Vincent Nguyen, California

Therese Nguyen, California

Taylor Nguyen, Louisiana

Kim Sa Nguyen, Texas

Maria Tran, Texas

Thuy Pham, Texas

Jim Stauner, Minnesota

Hang Hoang, California

Linda Nguyen, California

Toan Nguyen, California

Sara Soenjoto, Texas

Debbie & Russ Dunlap, Texas

Cindy Niu, California

Brooke Le, Louisiana

Roy Bailey, Louisiana

Nancy Glass, California

Michael Stauner, Washington

Mai Nguyen, California

Virginia Romo, California

Leslie Vance, California

Rita Wu, California

Diana Yrueta, California

Jeff Yrueta, California

Nhat Do Nguyen, California

Hoa Pham, Texas

Johnny Pham, Texas

Anonymous, Texas

Organization Support and Founding Partnership

Prescription Pad Pharmacy, Louisiana

Congregation Messengers of Fatima, Missouri

Our Founding Sponsors and Partners

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