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Make the World a Better Place for Children

Become Our Strategic Partner

We partner with a wide range of individual philanthropists, private and public foundations, and corporate partners who share our commitment to giving children an opportunity for a healthy life.  We cultivate collaboration among our partners to support and invest in our vision and the future of all children. If you are interested in becoming our strategic partner, please contact us, via email at info@rtncf.org.

We Build Trust with Our Partners

We build trust with our donors in developing strategies to help the underprivileged and vulnerable children in the U.S. and around the world.  Our partners and donors are the backbones of our organization. Together, we give many of the underprivileged children hope for a better future.  We are committed to fulfilling your trust by maximizing the donated funds dedicated to helping children.

Corporate Partnerships

We cultivate support from leading corporations and businesses that share our vision of investing and transforming children’s lives.  With the support of our partners, our team will focus on addressing the challenges involving and facing children and their communities today and the future.  If you are interested in supporting us, please contact us, via email at info@rtncf.org.

Individual Philanthropists

We work with private, public and family foundations, individuals, and wealth advisers to support our missions and to address many challenges relating to children issues.  With the continual support of philanthropists, we can strengthen our mission to improve the health and well-being of many children in need.  If you are interested in supporting our missions, please contact us at info@rtncf.org

Become Our Volunteer

We need your help because we cannot carry out our mission without the help of volunteers.  Whether you are a fully qualified medical professional or an individual just want to offer your time to our mission, we offer a variety of volunteer opportunities.  If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, please contact us via email at info@rtncf.org.

Foundation Partnership

We partners with a number of foundations and medical groups who share our commitment to providing the underprivileged children with access to medical care and intervention.  With their support and generosity, we fulfill their missions and also help us achieve our goals to help children.  If you are a foundation and are interested in supporting our mission, please email us at info@rtncf.org.

Join our Fundraisers

We put the fun into fundraising, and there are endless ways that you can raise funds to support sick children in desperate need of care.  Volunteer to work with us on many of our fundraising events to help with our causes.  Get involved and together we can make the world a better place for children.  If you are interested in volunteering in our fundraising events, please contact us at info@rtncf.org.

Fundraising Sponsorship

We host a number of fundraising events throughout the year to support our programs and we cannot meet our goals without the support of our generous sponsors and donors.  There are many ways to sponsor our fundraising events, whether it is your expertise or products to further our mission.  If you are interested in becoming our sponsor please contact us at info@rtncf.org.

Get Involved and Join Our Cause

Be Informed About all Our Latest Activities

Donors are the backbone of our organization.  Without you, we cannot exist to implement our mission.  Join our mailing list and be a part of our family of donors. Together, we can make life better for children and give every child a chance to be healthy.

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