Project Description

Maximizing the world’s resources

  • Every child deserves to have access to the best medical care and intervention.  However, not all countries have the same resources to deal with many challenging health care issues.  That is the reason, we work with the local medical professionals, hospitals, and other NGOs to establish a model medical and surgical care for children.  Our well-established and respected doctors work and share their knowledge by training the local surgeons and other medical professionals to continue care for the children.
  • We aim to deliver care and education to local physicians and surgeons for the purposes of establishing a center of excellence.  We hope to deliver first world surgical care and medical intervention to children and to facilitate research and education nationally and internationally.
  • Together, we hope to solve many complex and challenging health problems facing children globally today.  Helping shape the world and building a better future for children is our commitment to them.


Improving children’s health and giving them hope is investing in the world’s future.  Join our causes and build a better tomorrow for all children.