Project Description


  • Newborns account for over forty percent (40%) of all childhood deaths.  About 3 million newborns needlessly die within their first month of birth and a large amount happens to be stillborn.  The primarily causes, which are preventable and treatable, are complications due to prematurity, infection, and delivery.  Secondary contributing factors include nutrition, lack of medicines, medical device, and poverty.
  • Every day, about 800 maternal deaths happen.  A maternal health is a woman who dies while pregnant or within 42 days of a termination of their pregnancy.  Causes of maternal deaths are usually preventable.  Some causes include conditions related to severe bleeding, infection, high blood pressure, and complications during the delivery of the baby.
  • Most of the maternal and newborn deaths happen in low-income settings.  Because of this, cost-effective interventions are being made.  These include antibiotics, cord care, treatment of postpartum hemorrhage, resuscitation, immediate and exclusive breastfeeding, and kangaroo mother care that keeps the newborn warm with skin-to-skin contact.
  • Our goal is to partner and work with healthcare services and professionals to develop and deliver interventions that mothers, families, and communities in low resource settings to have the tools to prevent maternal and childhood deaths.  We hope to work with communities reduce needless deaths of newborns globally.


Life is a beautiful gift to humanity.  Give our children a chance to have a beginning.