Kevin Wood

Director of Programs & Operations

Kevin is a professional musician, pianist, and songwriter.  He writes his own music and has performed at many locations nationwide.  He has worked with a number of music recording companies to produce music that he has written and has his own CDs.  He is a professional music teacher and works with many children in Southern California area.  His love for music and teaching children music has been immeasurable.

Kevin grew up in a small Wyoming town. He studied musical theatre at the University of Northern Colorado.  Kevin moved to Los Angeles and settled in Long Beach, CA.  Kevin produced three great albums over the years.  “Haven’t Had Enough” was his first album, produced in 2002.  In 2006, he recorded his second album, “Finding Me.”  His third album, “Out Among the Wolves” was produced and completed in 2012.  Kevin has traveled extensively to at least fourteen countries in Europe, Asia, South America and Central America and sang as the lead singer on cruise ships.