Linh Thi Nguyen

Linh Nguyen came to the U.S. when she was three years old after the fall of Saigon.  She grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Houston, Texas, where she studied and received her Business degree from Loyola University.  As a child, Linh was drawn to the arts.   As much as she wanted to be a full-time artist, Linh knew that it was not a practical decision for her at the time.  Due to financial hardship and her parents struggled to support the family, Linh went to work at an early age and decided to get a business degree to assist her parents with financial matters.
Linh currently is a real estate appraiser and tax assessor working in Southern California.  She works for a number of State agencies during her career in Texas.  She also has a photography business and is a professional fine art photographer.  After many years practicing photography, Linh develops the love for working with people and nature because she wants to connect with them.  She wants to capture their varied moods and special moments in life.  She believes that all people have a story to tell, and photography is a good media to tell a story.   She specializes in people photography, and have taken many requests to photograph many special events such as sports, parties, funerals, special gathering, and so on.  Linh loves working with children and spends a lot of her time promoting children’s wellness and alleviating children’s poverty.  In the past decade, she helped raise funds for many homeless families and people who had no family and needed funds for burial services.