Liz Nguyen-Espinoza

Founder & President

Elizabeth Nguyen-Espinoza (“Liz”) has been a role model throughout her career as a federal law enforcement officer and supervisor, artist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur.  Liz has contributed considerably to many causes both professionally and personally. During her career as a federal law enforcement officer working in many major metropolitan cities such as New Orleans, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, she actively advocated for women in law enforcement and was recognized for her efforts. Liz received many awards and honors during her federal law enforcement career.

In late 2016, she retired from the federal government.  Shortly thereafter her mother Rosa Thay Nguyen passed away unexpectedly.  To honor her mother, Liz founded the Rosa Thay Nguyen Children’s Foundation (RTNCF), ISEE Artists Gallery, and HISE Financial Corporation.  She did this to carry on her mother’s life work with children in need.  The mission of RTNCF is to provide medical care and intervention to underprivileged children.

Liz wanted to use the arts to inspire and promote humanitarianism.  In her view, the arts touch people in many different ways emotionally and intellectually.  Liz is a great admirer of the arts.  She is an artist herself and has developed a multitude of artistic skills in painting, music, and literature.  Liz combined the mission of RTNCF and her passion in the arts to raise awareness of global social issues.  She believes the arts have the ability to touch people emotionally and compassionately.

A portion of proceeds from ISEE is donated to charities supported by RTNCF and other non-profit partners that help disadvantaged children. Liz draws from her own unique experience as a Vietnamese refugee.  She understands the importance of giving back to society and making the world a better place to live. Liz has continuously helped others throughout her life.  She volunteered to help abused children and women, worked with elderly populations, advocated for women’s equality in federal law enforcement, and assisted troubled and underprivileged children.

Liz’s artwork is in many private collections.  She won a number of art awards for her paintings and sculptors and has exhibited at cultural centers and galleries.  Liz received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a minor in Greek History from Loyola University.  She completed her Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice, specializing in criminal law from St. Leo University.  She studies art at Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD) in Laguna Beach, CA.