Mary Jo Stauner

Vice President

As far back as M.J. Stauner can remember art has played an important role in her life.  As a young child, she loved exploring nature and observed patterns and designs wherever she looked.  She became interested in creating mosaic artwork over twenty-four (24) years ago while living in Las Vegas, Nevada and working as a criminal investigator for the U.S. Federal Government.  Her job at the time required long hours so she was limited as to how much time she was able to spend on her art.  M.J. was encouraged to pursue this medium by two of her dear friends who are stained glass artists.   M.J. continued to dabble with mosaic art over the course of her law enforcement career while living in Los Angeles and the San Francisco areas.  

M.J. prefers creating mosaic artwork due to its complexity (once observed in nature) and use of so many different materials.  She likes to put together a complex puzzle similar to piecing together evidence to help solve a crime.  She believes that each piece on its own does not tell the complete story, but once they’re all assembled together it does.  M.J. likes to start out with an abstract idea in her head that evolves as she works on the mosaic project.  She likes creating orderly patterns and works with precision and this medium allows her to do both while expressing her creative side.  

After twenty (20) year career with the U.S. Government, M.J. retired and established her own art business.  She is a full-time mosaic artist and photographer. Her artwork is in a number of private collections.  She loves working with children and is a firm believer that children are our future.  M.J. received her degree in Art Education/Art History from the Northern Illinois University and worked toward obtaining a Master’s degree in photography while living in Minnesota.  During her employment with the federal government, she served as an evidence photographer.  She won a number of photography competitions and had her photographs published.